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Drs Tom and Linda Nguyen are focused on dental excellence. They both have extensive education and continue to build on there education with hundreds of hours of continuing education classes. They have devoted themselves to Orthodontic, Cosmetic, Implant and General Comprehensive Dental care. Please feel free to call and set an appointment to see them!

Mission Statement

The dental team of Glendale Family Dental Care will continuously strive to provide only the highest quality dental treatment to our patients with uncommonly excellent personal service. Our ultimate objective is to help our patients obtain their desires in order to improve the quality of their life and to educate them concerning quality orthodontics, pedodontic, endodontic and general dental care.

We aspire to do so while creating and maintaining a warm, friendly and caring environment. We will be valued by those who know us as an office which provides the finest dental results in a patient-centered environment sought by those who similarly share these values..

We love seeing new patients and welcome the opportunity to be your family‘s primary dental care provider to create a healthy and beautiful smile. We continuously strive to offer a great dental experience that is affordable, interactive and effective. Through combining a balance of personal care, high technology and continuing education, our top priority is to maintain a commitment to you, as a patient in every aspect of our practice.


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